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Arctic HR provides a safety net supporting our clients’ people operations or HR activities. We are a team of experts and can help in all aspects of an employee lifecycle, from strategy to recruiting, learning, compensation and possibly exit to new challenges. We can also support practical leadership always suited to our clients’ individual circumstances. You can concentrate your focus into your core competence, and we take care of your business’s People Operations.

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“We are there for the everyday challenges and can help you with specific recruitment or people management needs as well as with interim HR services for more long-term partnership.”



We help you succeed in recruitment all the way from the first contact of a potential candidate to onboarding. The service model can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  

People Operations as a service

You can develop people management comprehensively and take your HR to the next level with the support of our in-house specialist. Get an experienced consultant onboard and pay only for the hours you need.

Development projects

From sparring your management, supervisors or HR to implementation of development actions. We can help you define your people strategy, develop onboarding or whatever challenge you have on your to-do list.

Our customers

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Wesentra referenssi

“Arctic HR oli kumppanina asiantunteva, henkilökohtainen ja läsnäoleva. Saimme apua tarvittaviin asioihin rekrytoinnin osalta, saimme myös paljon ideoita siihen miten rekrytointia voidaan kehittää.”

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“Productive, trustworthy, easy to approach. Our recruiter found a perfect candidate for us in a short time!”

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