Because you can do better for your people.

We are there for the everyday challenges and can help you with specific recruitment or people management needs as well as with interim HR services for more long-term partnership.


We help you succeed in recruitment all the way from the first contact of a potential candidate to onboarding. The service model can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

People Operations as a service

You can develop people management comprehensively and take your HR to the next level with the support of our in-house specialist. Get an experienced consultant onboard and pay only for the hours you need.

Development projects

From sparring your management, supervisors or HR to implementation of development actions. We can help you define your people strategy, develop onboarding or whatever challenge you have on your to-do list.


Is your company at the stage where you’re recruiting  for the first time? Maybe you would like to reach the experts in your field more extensively, all the while  making your recruitment process smoother and improving your employee branding? This one key position seems too challenging to fill or your own resources are just not enough anymore in the growth?

In-house recruiter

In-house recruiter can help you design the entire recruitment process to ensure smooth candidate experience. This is the solution for you, if you do not have enough resources to match the increasing needs for quality recruitment.



This is a solution for the implementation of specific and demanding recruitment, for example in an exceptionally competitive field, or for a task where the number of suitable experts is limited. Our special expertise is headhunting in the IT, gaming and technology manufacturing industries. We handle the cases always with discretion and classy service attitude.


In-house recruiter – 90€/h + ALV 

Headhunting – 10 000€/person + ALV

People operations as a service

Has your company reached the point where people management and HR need more resources or specific expertise? Do you have the needed planning and coordination for this function in place to make sure operations run smoothly and support growth? Do you want to offer the people in your company a community as close as possible to their dream workplace while building a better working life?

People operations- ideology crushes the traditional HR (human resources management) model and re-thinks it as modern and people-oriented leadership work that utilizes the potential of the employees while acknowledging the individual holistically (human leadership).

HR konsultti

In-house/Interm HR

Is your people the one key success factor, where you should focus more, but it is not yet the time to hire a full-time HR Manager? Our in-house/interim HR solution provides an experienced consultant to support the company’s leaders within the role and scope agreed. Our specialist will work with your company’s people operations accelerating the growth with their expertise and allowing your own key personnel to focus on their core competencies.

This is the right solution for a company that needs an extra pair of hands to take care of people operations flexibly, is perhaps launching a new HR role or could benefit from the views of an interim expert seeing how the company operates in its daily people management.

Development projects

Does your company have a particular challenge or question that you would need to consider from a new perspective and could use long-term experience of HR and people management to solve?? Maybe you do not have a people strategy, all the needed legal documents or you have a specific issue with your newcomer training? Tailored development projects are your choice, if you need concrete help from an HR specialist, who can use their experience and the best practices in other growth companies to find the right solution that actually works for you. HR consulting with no jargon.

HR ongelmanratkaisu