Our story

Where did it all began?

Arctic HR was founded at the beginning of 2020. Behind Arctic HR’s story was a long-lasting desire to be able to help start-ups and scaleups in their people operations and contribute in the creation of better work life for all. . At the very heart of Arctic HR is  the idea of a dream job; a start-up full of opportunities, and how these companies have the potential of becoming  the  dream employers. 

The team’s long-term experience in various start-up’s and scale up’s has shown the challenge of starting and growing young companies; often human resource management suffers from a lack of input. What often follows, is that the company’s most important resource, experts, don’t get the leadership needed for accelerating the company’s growth. Our mission is to support growth by utilizing their own potential, and create happy and modern working life. This is how Arctic HR was born; a company with the goal of supporting young companies, like us, to grow by investing in personnel!

Our goal is to truly help you

Arctic HR provides a safety net supporting our clients’ people operations or HR activities. We are a team of experts and can help in all aspects of an employee lifecycle, from strategy to recruiting, learning, compensation and possibly exit to new challenges. We can also support practical leadership always suited to our clients’ individual circumstances. You can concentrate your focus into your core competence, and we take care of your business’s People Operations.

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Invest in your personnel

Speed up your company’s growth by investing in your personnel! We will provide you the help needed from necessary leadership skills, perspectives for People Operations to assistance for the missing resources of HR management. Let’s create a culture that promotes growth in your business and accelerate development by investing in your experts. Together we can work to make your company the best job in the industry!