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“What would be the job of my dreams?”

Arctic HR was founded at the beginning of 2020. Behind Arctic HR’s story was a long-lasting desire to be able to help start-ups and scaleups in their people operations and contribute in the creation of better work life for all.

At the very heart of Arctic HR is the idea of a dream job; a start-up full of opportunities, and how these companies have the potential of becoming  the  dream employers.

HR tiimi

Elina Iso-Markku


Elina is the founder of Arctic HR with years of experience from People Operations. Elina can help you to build up people function in your company, run it for you or recruit talent to take it forward. Her specialities are IT recruitment, lifecycle management from onboarding to exit and developing programs and processes to move forward.

Elina’s strength areas are the construction of the HR functions and the granting of practical action determinedly and in human beings.

Elina is lead in Helsinki area customers.


Software development 4 years

Educations 2 years

Technology industry 2 years

Elina Iso-Markku Arctic HR

Teemu Halminen

Consultant & CO-Founder

Teemu can help you with defining and implementing your people strategy and company culture. He has experience from Technology and Gaming company leadership and can come in to operate as consultant also on the financial operations. 

Teemu’s strengths are in particular the personnel strategy creating, agile management and the development of financial management.

Teemu Halminen Arctic HR


Software development 6 years 

Game development 2 years 

Marketing 2 years 

Hanna Puura

People Operations Consultant

Hanna is our representative in Central Finland helping local start-ups and scale-ups grow and develop their operations. She has years of experience in creating people ops and other internal services and admin from scratch to support international business. Her strategic and solution oriented approach has contributed to success in companies operating in the fields of high-tech, science and specialist services. 

Hanna’s strengths  are in the organization’s operations and staff development, communication and interaction between culture and strategy. Hanna also makes challenging recruitment, especially in the technology industry. 


Technology industry 4 years

Consulting 11 years

Contact me


+358 50 493 4861 



Teknologiateollisuus 4 vuotta

Konsultointi 11 vuotta (Juridiikka ja konfliktinratkaisu)



+358 50 493 4861 


Hanna Puura Arctic HR

Janiina Koski

People Operations Consultant

Janiina has experience from multiple international technology companies and game and entertainment industries. She is used to work in fast paced environments both in terms of daily HR items and long-term change and development projects. 

Janiina’s strengths and special interests are in helping young companies to build HR operations and employee lifecycle and transformation projects.  


Jenny Inkinen Arctic HR


Software development 2 years

Gaming and entertainment 6 years


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